Information Technology 2.0

Cloud computing, Social Systems, Mobility, Analytics and Security – the digital revolution is underway with businesses seeking unique competitive gain in a shrinking global economy. Next-generation technology holds the key to narrow the divide between business strategy and the IT department’s true agility. Paying less and demanding more value is quickly becoming the standard negotiation framework on all levels. It is time to take back control and unify and align IT with business vision, it is time to Configure. Not Code.

360: Our Solution

Business 360 is an Integration Framework that allows business to define processes and data to define flows through simple but powerful business-orientated configuration. 360’s design is such that
solutions can be and implemented into existing systems painlessly and with little risk. It will change the way business approaches the technical requirements of enterprises, and will pave the route to true integration within companies.

360 is the solution to the rapid advances in technology. Rather than maintaining each individual node in a network, businesses now have the opportunity to upgrade to a single source/cluster of intelligence, which improves the performance and maintainability of large enterprise networks